Five Things I Stopped Wearing When I Moved to Cairo

The day I stepped off the plane, claiming three large suitcases at the baggage claim area, coming back to Cairo after 6 months living in Dubai, I knew that I wouldn't have the same sense of style I had before. Cairo was always the hub of fashion and hosting fashion events from the 1920's till the 1960's, and probably later even. But things have changed and its not the same anymore after the political changes and uprisings that have been happening since 1948- but I am not here to speak about politics now, am I?

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Three question you need to ask yourself when it comes to dressing up (or down, for that matter of fact) in Egypt- is it appropriate? is it too revealing? Is it very glamorous, and I am overdressed? and Is it going to get dirty easily?

I wouldn't worry about getting dressed appropriately because I'm veiled, so either way, whatever I wear will by fine by the society and won't be revealing.

Now, the struggle happened when it cam to things every fashion girl loves and considers part of her daily routine- luxury. The main resistance I faced and tried to cope with but couldn't and had to change it within me is mainly with five things:

Designer shoes (heels or flats whatever that is)

Your shoes will get easily ruined, if not with dust or sand from the weather, or mud if in winter, but with the holes in the unpaved streets and sidewalks. Too sad that I cannot get dressy in my own country


You will be an attraction for thieves and burglars if you wore my diamonds out in the streets. You wouldn't want to attract the wrong kind of attention now, would you?

White anything, and everything

Just as mentioned in the designer shoes section I stated above, you never leave the house wearing white and get back home same as you left, and I am not taking about food or makeup stains. Because of all the dust in the air, the seats and chairs in any outdoor cafe or restaurant are not clean, so you can easily get your white garment dirty in a split of a second- the kind of dirty you cannot just pat away or rub-off.

Glitter, Sparkles and Metallic

Not that I wear them day to night, but when I used to live in Dubai, I get to wear any of this during day time if I wanted and nothing would be wrong, or overrated, with that.

Tote Bags

We all know what that means, an open bag/tote = an easy catch for all pickpockets and thieves.

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