Moving to a new home? Clean it up in 4 easy steps

When you are moving, there are lot of things to sort out! Usually you are already stressed from packing and moving out from your previous place, then you need to unpack, arrange everything and also do a big clean up. To help you ease your stress, you can you count on these 4 easy tips, given by the experts from, the leading online marketplace for household services in Middle East.

1. Organization starts with the move out: pay attention when packing your boxesThis simple trick will help you to organize your move: while packing your things, always consider what you want in each room so you won't mix items from one room in other rooms’ boxes. That will help you to organize the unpacking. Also labelling boxes will make your work way easier. Don’t consider the planning as a waste of time, it will help a lot to make packing, unpacking and cleaning up a smooth task!

2. Moving in cleaning: the secret is planningEven if the previous owner has cleaned the place, you won't really know how well it has been done. The house might look clean, but most people usually just clean away the dust and don't sterilize all surfaces or pay attention to details.
Before doing your move in cleaning, planning your clean is key. You need to think about the rooms and plan, for example, which rooms to start with, the size, the level of ‘dirtiness’ and so. Then estimate the hours or minutes you want to spend in each room and the sequence. A great tip would be to start with the bedroom and kitchen, as you will need to use them right away.

3. How to clean: basic tipsAfter planning, start cleaning the rooms from top to bottom, never the opposite or you will get the bottom dirty while you clean the top. Don’t start in the middle of the room, start with one corner and go round to ensure that you won’t miss anything.
An obvious tip is to make sure that you have enough space to clean the room, if it’s full of boxes, for example, the cleaning will be demanding and not effective. Always finish cleaning a room before moving on to the next one, so you can see the results of your work and be more motivated to clean the next. Also, unpack and organize the room as soon as you are done with cleaning, so you have a better overview and less boxes.

4. Final touch: attention to detailsPay attention to details, if you don't clean every corner when moving in, it is likely that you will postpone the cleaning forever until you get used to it. And after you set all your furniture in place, it will be twice as hard to maneuver around the corners and clean the hard to reach areas.
Special care to clean doors knobs, window handles, switches, faucets… These places are highly contaminated as everyone touches them all the time, but they are quite often overlooked when cleaning. Also pay attention to the areas between the tiles, sometimes they have mold and they need to be cleaned to avoid it from spreading. Pipes are often covered with dust and dirt; so worth an effort to clean them up.

photo from: Badlands

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