New tides

I know I haven't been posting as frequent as I started off-Its been almost 7 months since I last posted, but that's life and some things go completely out of your hands.

The passion I had for blogging was overwhelmed with day to day life stresses, Cairo per se, yet I have been trying to connect with you as much as a I can on my social media accounts so you won't feel the absence.

Life has not been treating me well for the past years, Cairo is eating my up (metaphorically speaking of course!), work had its own politics and stresses, driving and commuting to work daily was wearing me out, my body turned weaker and more fragile that I am, almost, always sick.

That's when I decided this is not the life I needed to live, this is not how imagined I would be telling my story to my grandchildren, hence my decision - relocate!

I have always wanted to live in Budapest, Castellon, or London, yet I know I won't endure the fact that I rarely have family and friends at any. The only city where I had a lot of friends and family, and the fact I used to live there at my early days as a child, helped me take the decision that would be the perfect place to move to- Dubai.

Now that I gave you all a quick update and brief on what has been going on with my lately, more posts will be coming up as frequent as I used to before. Thank you all who have sent me they have missed my posts and those who have been following up with me on social media. Probably, without you guys I might have not decided to start blogging any time soon.

Can't wait to get back!

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