M.A.C Huggable lipcolors

One of the most low maintenance, if you are trying to achieve no-that-much-of-makeup looks. The best way to describe these is that it’s a semi-sheer formula with moderate shine, some cling, and moderate wear with lots of hydration. Reminds of my Labello lipbalms but with more pigmentation. 

They apply best if you let the formula melt slightly against the warmth of your lips prior to swiping the bullet across your lips.

Soft Talking

I am not pro that shade much. Described as a "warm peachy nude." It's a muted, light-medium peach with warm undertones and soft gold pearl. It had semi-sheer color coverage that lightened my natural lip color while brightening and adding warmth, more a transparent shade. However, its worth noting that this is the type of translucency and color that is likely to look different depending on the natural color of your lips. It wore well for three hours. This formula is quite moisturizing.

Love Feeling

A summery sunset orange shade to use day in and day out when this weather gets warmer. Described by M.A.C as a "vibrant deep orange." It's a brightened, medium orange with warm, yellow-red undertones and a soft sheen. It had semi-opaque coverage and wore well for five hours. The formula felt lightly moisturizing while worn.

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