M.A.C Huggable Glass

Since lipglosses is back trending this spring, M·A·C has released its newest collection the Huggable Lipglass. It gives the lips a comforting hug of color with immediate shine that wears for, unbelievably, hours. It glides on effortlessly.  It’s a new, limited edition formula with cream-based colors with a high-shine that tend to be semi-sheer to semi-opaque. The consistency is light-medium in weight and thickness, and it is creamy when initially applied but gets a little tackier after a half hour. It holds on fairly well–three to six hours–with noticeable shine and some color still visible even after eatnig. They’re all with creamy consistency and slightly hydrating, and they have the usual delicious M.A.C vanilla-scent.

Mega Hug 

Described as a “creamy deep raspberry.” It’s a medium-dark pinky plum shade with cool undertones. It had semi-opaque color payoff with a smooth consistency that applied fairly well. The color stayed on for five hours. This shade is my favorite <3

Such a Sweetheart

Described as an “intense bright watermelon.” It’s a medium, pink-coral shade with warm undertones. It had semi-opaque color coverage and a light-medium consistency, which looked unimpressive applied as it was quite streaky (as you can see from the swatch)! The gloss wore well for five hours, and it was lightly hydrating, but not as Mega Hug.

Embraceable Me 

Described as a “pale baby pink.” It’s a light, milky pink shade with a subtle, warm undertones. It had semi-sheer to semi-opaque coverage with medium consistency. The glass applied with some streakiness, due its light milky shade and creamy consistency. It wore for four hours.


Described as a “bubblegum pink.” It’s a light, cool-toned pink shade, slightly darker than embraceable, with a creamy, milky finish. It had semi-opaque color payoff with a creamy texture that lasted, too, for over a four hour period, but the application is streaky and uneven. Some of the color emphasized and pulled into lip lines over time as well.  Same issue with embraceable me.

Love Buzz

Described as a “fuchsia pink.” It’s a slightly muted, medium-dark fuchsia pink with cool undertones. This one seemed like the shiniest of the set! Unfortunately, it is not, but the shade it is beautiful! It is a Barbie pink that suits most of the skintones, despite its blue undertone. It had semi-opaque pigmentation and wore for five hours. Another favorite of mine as well.

Now, one of their, really, biggest downsides is that many of the colors apply unevenly and settle into lip lines, as usual with the M.A.C creamy glasses. They need to start fixing this to their glasses soon since people will be allover the shelves for these glasses and this spring.
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