From the gift box| M.A.C eyeshadows review

Honesty eyeshadow

Honesty is described by M.A.C a coppery brown with flecks of copper sparkle and finer copper shimmer. In my P.O.V I cannot see this as a coppery shade at all, in fact, it's a roses-shade of champagne with a hint of rose gold shimmer. This is a permanent shade. It has decent pigmentation, though it had a lot of fall out when applied, whether with fingers or eyeshadow brush. The color itself didn’t start fading until after seven and a half hours of wear. Texture is super soft. This shade is very pretty. 

Blacktied eyeshadow

M.A.C describes as a “black with silver sparkle [with a Velvet finish].” True that with the velvet finish part, though I am not sure what is wrong with M.A.C's descriptions! This shade is not a black, it is barely a grey. Honestly, it has a very weak consistency and barely pigmented.  Its very light when swatched and needs a lot of layering to show. Least favourite of this collection.

Rule eyeshadow

It is a medium orange, not too bright or dark, with a matte finish. True to the pot's shade, very well pigmented. I lightly dab my fluffy blending blush to use it as a mid-tone. Very soft and lasted 8 hours long.

Espresso eyeshadow

Everyone's favourite brow-powder shade! Espresso is a neutral, dark brown with a matte finish. Very well pigmented, true to the pot's colour. You can use it every which way you can from outer corner shade, to a basic smokey eyeshadow look shade. Lasted the longest of all shades- almost 9 hours! Love it.

Excuse my low quality swatches, my camera broke and had to use my regular iPhone camera..bohoo.

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