Coffee on Valentine's day

Running to the hairdresser's and then meeting friends for coffee on Valentine's day before heading to your date (BF or BFF) can be quite hectic specially if you do not have time, or energy, to commute back home to change into your glam outfit. Add to that the crazy Cair-ean weather, crazy cold in the morning, then hot by noon till sunset, then bouncing back again to freezing cold whether at night.

For all this you need something you can throw on that adds a glam-chic effect, take off whenever you feel hot (whether or you know what ;) ), and doesn't take down your outfit look. Hence, this shawl I got from Shein.

Hope you all had a beautiful Valentine's. <3

Shawl: Sheinside
Pants: Zara
Kitten heels: Zara
Crossbag: Sole Society
Shades: D&G

Photographer: R.O.K.N

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4 comments on Coffee on Valentine's day

  1. Such a nice and warm cape :) Bonjour from FRANCE, Sand.

    1. It is very warm indeed :) Bonjour from Cairo, and Merci bcp pour ton compliment <3

  2. Amazing look, you have such a great style!


    1. Thank you so much Lara for your love and support, make sure to subscribe for many more inspiring outfits to come ;)


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