Li Beirut- last day --Day 4

The last day, we headed to the Rouche area, near by our hotel approx. 10 min. Honestly, a few people recommended not to head there as it is pointless. I do not see where those are coming from, and I cannot believe they were going to let us miss it out. Roche is 6 minutes away from our hotel, so we didn't spend much time commuting. The rock is amazingly beautiful, we walked towards it as much as we could, and if we had enough time, we would have taken a bought till we actually reach it.

Then we headed for coffee at the Movenpick hotel right next to the Rouché, had a quick snack or mouthwatering chicken shawarma at Barbar (a must visit to go lebanese snacks, and meals), and went back to our hotel for checkout.

Now, this is something worth mentioning. I believe if you read my previous posts, I have mentioned how the driver who helped us with the sightseeing and shopping take us everywhere with his welcoming attitude and generous tips. The above photo is our driver's card. Make sure to give him a call whenever you need someone to drive you anywhere in Beirut. Such a sweatheart, healful, polite and not nosey.

I hope my tips on sightseeing and travel were helpful. Wait up for more on my next trip to....Can you guess where I might be heading next?

Sweater: Pimkie
Jean Shirt: Suite Blanco
Jeans: Zara
Slip ons: Pull n Bear
Bag: Prada (similar here )

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