Li Beirut: Day 3

Day two was less of a hype than the previous one. Now, all we did on the third day was heading to first was Sayda's castle and Der alQamar, visit Moussa's Castle, Beiteddin. Everything took us 4 hours, then we did some coffee drinking and shopping.

Sayda was the downtown side of Beriut, very humble, lower class people-much different those we have seen and met the past couple of days. We didn't spend much over there we were only heading to visit the castle by the sea and the Jamea' Albahr ( The Sea mosque), which dated back to the 14th C.

At Qasr Moussa, My second favorite in this trip, There was this man called Moussa, obviously, who handcrafted the who castle, exterior and interiors, and also the utensils that helped him inhabit this mansion, all by himself. No assistants or coworkers or any sort of labor supported his marvelous castle.


Bag: Moschino (similar one herehere and here)
Blazer: Zara
Dress: Mango
Cardigan: U.S. polo
Shades: Dolce & Gabanna

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