Best 9 advises for the SALE season

With the crazy sale season is hitting up the roof, everyone seems to go crazy about low priced products and become guilty of buying meaningless and worthless products; I admit I was guilty, until I came to realise I was flushing my money down the toilet by not being aware that the items I buy should have a few qualities that will increase its worth by time and last forever in my wardrobe.
1- Think ahead
By that I mean future events, whether birthday, weddings, travel trips, anything coming up that needs specific gear/outfits that you cannot wear a day-in, day-out, outfit for. This sale period is actually a good time to buy ahead the bridesmaid dress you wanted to buy for your best friend's wedding, for a good price. Save for that event so you can splurge on emergency events, such as sudden dates and surprise parties.

2- Invest in QUALITY
Do not be cheated by the price. We women understand quite well when we touch, or even eye (yes some of us can!) a piece and feel that after a couple of washes, the colours would fade, or the clothe would stretch. This is NOT the item you should be purchasing, no matter how cheap this item is, do not be decieved. If are quite sure that you can wear this comfortably without worrying you stretch out your arms to find a hole at your armpits, or even worse, a tear across your shoulder line, then probably this item is supposed to be at the garbage bin in the first place.

3- Basics
Invest in practical basics, such as white, grey and black t-shirts, or shirts, this really good material pair of jeans. These pieces are keys to every outfit, a basic that you add statement pieces to it that would change a day outfit to a night one in just one *snaps fingers*. These items are made to last long, and probably you shouldn't need to repurchase every 3-4 years. Buy neutral shades that will last as long as you can wear them.

4- Do NOT follow fashion trends
If you do not feel comfortable in fringes or fur, and the thought that you might be able to wear them in the future has merely crossed your mind, well, sorry to break the news for you, but 9 out of 10 times you won't. It is just a fact one cannot deny that we tend to buy items because they are trendy and look good on others, but not us. It is just a waste of time trying to cope the sheep while you were born to stand out and be a lone wolf.

5- Buy smart
You eye a beautiful shade of blue pair of jeans, you buy them. Few months later, you clean up your closet to find the same exact pair at the bottom of your closet! Therefore, to save things up for you, before hitting the stores, filter whatever you have and organise them in the order of your preference, whether stack all shirts in colour order, or whichever other way you find best for you to find the items when needed.  This way,  you will end up saving more than spending.

6- Price per wear
You might buy a 300 EGP pair of jeans because it is a bargain and end up wearing it only once. When buying a new piece, think of two things - One: You should wear it at least in three different outfit styles. Two: Divide the price over the number of estimated times you think you will wear it. If you eye out a 3k EGP coat and believe you would wear it daily for the three winter months, (3,000/90 = 33 EGP per wear!) then it is definitely worth it.

7- Do not duplicate
Do not buy pieces you know you have in your closet, see #5; but this time, because you believe you will wear it a lot and need a few others to back you up in case one is at the dry cleaner's or one gets torn, check point #3. You do not need three plain white T-shirts. If you have one, you do not need another!

8- Do not buy during SALE season
You cannot risk buying a faulted piece, torn or stained, just because it is a bargain. You do not deserve anything less than perfect. If you found the item that you have been dreaming of, but of less quality standards or its on sail because it has a defaux, drop the idea.

9- Buy your size, not your dream size
Quite explainable on its own. If you cannot find you piece in your own size, do not buy it. If you have 'plans' to start a new diet, do not buy a piece in your future goal size. If you cannot buy your exact current size, for God knows what reason, do not buy it.

I hope you do not fall into the previous traps I did. If you find this useful, comment and share the love.

Do you relate to any of the above sale-shopping mistakes?

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