Trendy yet comfy

The older you get, the less time you take thinking what to wear when you are heading to starbucks to grab a caramel late without spending hours in front of your wardrobe. Comfort is key, especially when it’s freezing outside. Yet, you do not have to look like you just got out of bed, but more of, I'm on spot for a sudden paparazzi intervention, yet I feel comfortable and cozy in it. I am not talking comfortable as in baggy sweatpants and old, broken-in sneakers kinda likes. 

Here are the 6-key rules on looking lazy but not lousy:

1-A knit dress: effortlessly stylish, yet so chic. Try pairing them with white sneakers.

2-White sneakers: the ones I am taking about the likes of Adidas original Superstar in classics white and black stripes, looks good on ANYTHING and gives your outfit an edge

3-An oversized blazer: is non constricting and still looks good.

4-Details (3rd piece rule): dress up an outfit without sacrificing comfort with a single statement piece that elevates comfy outfits, let it be a necklace, a bold color boots, statement jewelry etc

5-Polished outwear: wear your jammies underneath a neat wool coat or a polished trenchy and you are good to go

6-Denim on denim: u can never go wrong. if you felt u r wearing a uniform, change the denim color or add a bold color belt or shoes.

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