My Xmas travel update

Normally at this point, I’m dying to leave for my vacation but this year the weather is really making things a lot different! I’m really freezing with this cold temperature, hence shooting in great locations with the holiday spirit around me is getting difficult by day. 

As I am preparing to leave to Beirut this upcoming Wednesday, I started to feel sick and by last night, bam, the flu showed up. I am literally surviving on warm drinks, Vitamin C and antibiotics to get better by Wednesday. You can imagine the rush I am in to do last minute packing and shopping, since the last two weeks at work were crazy hectic!

I can’t wait to lay down in cozy hotel bed and be by the sea and visiting Beirut for the first time *crazy dancing Emoticon*

I will be away from posting for that week, so you can stay connected with me and what will be going around in Beirut via my Instagram account here.

Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas to you all!

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