Li Beirut- Day 2

Second day was quite full. We rented a taxi for the whole day, 10 hours to be specific. I knew in advance when I was doind my travel homework that this day was going to be swamped with a lot of touristic sights that will take us the whole day.

There is something special about Beirut for me, and I believe the rest of the team will agree with me. My face was clear and my hair was shiney and soft. I am not sure if this is the shower water or the stress free mood. That day, I managed to get up super early, which is so unlike me, and squeeze some sunrise runs in Hamra Downtown area, which was literally a block away from Gefinour Rotana hotel, where we were staying.

We then had our breakfast at the hotel and started off to Jeita Cave, the cave of wonders I would say. It took us 1 hour from the Hotel. On our way, was many beautiful greenery while we were going up the  mountains till we reached Jeita. Unfortunately, using cameras was banned at the place, but I suggest to google up some photos. I am quite surprised this is not one of the seven world wonders. I was like, seriously?! There was a small cave we had to walk inside, and then a small cave where we took a small boat to move inside the waters. The cave is about 1,200m below sea levels, with waters dripping on us from the sealing and cool temperature inside, I suggest you take a warm jacket with you.

Then, we went to the Harisa Telefrique, 30 minutes away from Jeita. We went uo to Harisa Church (Virgin Mary's Church). Harissa, in Arabic, means a lady who is careful or taking care of someone, in that context, that would be the virgin Mary.

From there, we took the telefrique back to the parking to the car to head to byblos, Jebal area. This one is more of an uptownish area, a couple of churches and a wax museum. Then we went off for a bite.

Now, I have to warn your, Beirut makes you gain weight. A person with my size, and with the walking and getting back on the scales to find myself gaining 4 kilos is scary! I have done a lot of eating. I mean A LOT ! With the tasty food they serve, Lebanese cuisine is one of my few favorites.

If you are heading to Beirut, you can’t miss the Leila for beautiful main courses and appetizers. My favorite was Shish Tawook, vine leaves, liver with pomegranate juice and of course, hummus.

I also loves Barbar restaurant for Shawerma. Its most definitely the best restaurants I’ve ever had, and I have tried a lot of places!

The absolute highlight of my Beirut Insider-Experience was visiting the Jeita Cave. You cannot miss this one out.


Sweater: Pimkie
Jean Shirt: Suite Blanco
Down jacket: Old Navy
Jeans: Zara
Slip ons: Pull n Bear
Backpack: Fendi

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