Happy NEW YEAR 2016!

With the new year coming up, everyone is preparing their resolution list, (for other's its a bucket list), or preparing on where to spend it. As for me, I am busy with both, in addition to the blog's annual calendar and many other career plans that I will give you an insider of in future posts.

My wishes for this year are not quite much- to be more successful, yet humble. To be more famous, yet modest. To be more loved, not hated. And last, to be more kind to those who are less fortunate, yet not cocky to brag about it in front of people.

Special thanks to all of you who has been supportive. Thanks to all of my readers and followers- without you, things would have never been the same. And above all, thanks to my family, it's your love and understanding that pushes me forward by day.

See in the next post, next year ;)
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