M.A.C Vamplify collection

It's been a while since I last wrote a review on a beauty product, only when I last received a package from M.A.C with their latest collection, Vamplify, a limited edition collection from M.A.C.

From the VAMPLIFY lipgloss collection, I received two shades:
Push Some Buttons, which is an intense orange-red
What’s Going On?, which is a hot intense fuchsia

Now, it's not really a lipglass, not a gloss, nor a stick, but more of a lip stain, in a more shiny and intense color. The Lip glosses are pigmented, glossy, moisturizes, and long-wearing. Both shades are opaque, yet they weren't thick nor tacky like the usual M.A.C lipglass. At my first applicaiton, with such texture and consistency, thinking it will dry to matte, but it didn't. Wear time was 4 hours with no eating and minimal drinking.

As for the PRO LONGWEAR LIP PENCIL, the shade I received was Voltage, a coral-salmon, very spring-like shade. I swatched it on my arm, and it didn't rub off, fade, nor came off easily, like all the Pro longwear collection.

Recommend? Yes if you love pigmented, electric, strong colors, you will love it
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