It's been a while

It's been a while since I have last written a post. But I have been busy running around, earning my degree, getting settled in my new job, commuting (those who live in Egypt will relate), and finally thinking things over regarding blogging.

I have been thinking, is blogging my thing? Do I actually want to continue doing this for as long as I can (by that I mean live on this planet)? Am I doing a good job at it?

Those questions realm-ed (if ever a word) my mind for a while, what actually triggered that the blogging scheme in Egypt has turned too commercial rather than someone who actually is successful and passionate about what he/she blogs about. Probably there is not no "blogging" for that matter, but rather an influencer. That I would understand, but I wouldn't call myself a blogger unless I actually have a platform, let it be blogspot or wordpress.

Then another question popped onto my mind, am I an influencer or a blogger. In the matter of fact, I am both. Blogger is someone who influences the readers to do something and actually enjoy doing it. Am I doing a good job at it, I believe I do, since I have more than 60K unique visitors monthly worldwide. Do I have passion towards it? Yes, that's why I was too disappointed to find myself succeeding in other countries more than my own. Do I actually want to continue doing this for as long as I wish? Hell, yea! I was on a down mood for the last period because of not being able to blog about my thoughts, and I am not willing to quit anytime soon.

So, to refresh things a bit, I have changed the template and I hope you like it as much as I do. I turned it into a more minimalist rather than the paisley and Arabesque I had on the previous template.

Would you like to change something, let me know? Let me hear your thoughts!

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