M.A.C Cinderella collection

For the release of the new Cinderella movie, M.A.C has released their limited edition for the Cinderella collection. I got the chance to review this collection, which are the Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow palette and the Happily Ever After lipglass (pretty names, I feel 20yrs younger already!).

Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow palette

Includes six eyeshadows with a neutral theme. Five of the six eyeshadows are part of the permanent range, which may be a deal-breaker for long-time MAC fans. On the bright side, those five permanent eyeshadows are as good in the palette as they are individually. The only shade I had real trouble with was the limited edition color.

Vapour is described as a “peach-pink with violet pearl [with a Velvet finish].”
It’s an iridescent, brightened white with a bluish sheen. It had decent color payoff, but it was one of the weaker shades in the palette with respect to intensity. It was buildable, and it blended well. The color started to fade after eight hours of wear.

Phloof! is described as a “frosted off-white [with a Frost finish].”
It’s a pinky-beige with subtle, neutral-to-warm undertones and a frosted finish. It had good pigmentation with a soft, buttery texture that applied evenly and blended well. One of my favorite in this palette. The color wore well for eight hours.

Omega is described as a “soft muted beige-taupe [with a Matte finish].” 
It’s a medium brown with warm undertones and a matte finish. It had excellent pigmentation that was really soft and finely-milled, which made it easy to blend on the skin. Best shade I loved amongst all. It started to fade after eight hours of wear.

Quarry is described as a “soft muted plum-brown [with a Matte finish].” 
It’s a muted, medium plum with warm undertones and a matte finish. The texture was soft and silky. The resulting color payoff was mostly opaque. This shade stayed on well for eight hours.

Satin Taupe is described as a “taupe with silver shimmer [with a Frost finish].” 
It’s a medium-dark taupe brown with warm undertones and a frosted, metallic sheen. The color payoff was excellent, while the texture was soft and smooth. It wore well for eight hours.

Stroke of Midnight is described as a “black plum with sparkle pearl [with a Velvet finish].” 

It’s a dark black with a purple base and a dusting of multi-colored sparkle. It is mostly matte. The texture is a bit powdery and drier, and I found it hard to blend it out, It lasted for eight hours.

Happily Ever After lip glass

M.A.C describes it as a “cool milky pink with bluish pearl.”
It has a milky, pinky-white base with lots of bluish-teal sparkle and finer silver shimmer. This one was interesting, and anyone who tends to gravitate towards really sparkly glosses might like it. I think in person, it looks more interesting than in photos, as the pearl is noticeably blue-tinged. It had semi-sheer color at most, but the milky base settled into lip lines, unfortunately. I was surprised this wasn’t called Glass Slipper, as the blue pearl reminded me of them. It wore well for three hours.

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