Ramadan home Iftar

 Part of Ramadan's pleasures is having family gatherings at Iftar. Me and my family have prepared our place, just like prior to Xmas preparations, from decorations to preparing delicious meals for having our annual family gathering for iftar at our place. Therefore, just like Xmas once again, we get to dress up for this family dinner. However, since this year the iftar will be at our place, I couldn't overdress. Hence, the best choice I have got is to wear comfortably, simple and effortlessly presentable. Just like a kid, I couldn't resist not wearing my new bucket love from Zaam Designs. I have previously expressed my passion for Zaam here , here and here , and needless to bore you with my craze for this designer.

Allow me to present my obsession in the below photos.

Denim Jacket: Guess
Shirt: Stradivarius
Bucket Bag: Zaam Designs
Jeans: H&M
Espadrielle: some store in Spain
Shades: Bagaholicsforless
Earrings: Sole Society

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