DXB Fashion Forward backstage at Hussein Bazaza's Fashion show

I was one of the few lucky people who get to go backstage at fashion events, let alone Dubai's Fashion Forward Event. M.A.C were generous enough to invite me over backstage to checkout what has been going on behind the scene's for Hussein Bazaza's fashion show.

Hair Styling was done by L'Oreal and Makeup was run by the mesmerizing Mariam Khairallah, M.A.C Middle East Expert Makeup artist  I took a few photos of the model's preparations for the shoots from Makeup to hair styling and manicuring, check them out ;)

She mentioned to The Vanity that the makeup look for the show is inspired by dark meets beauty to create romanticism . Gothic look is the main them yet maintaining the elegant and mysterious looks as well.

Mariam Khairallah Applying makeup to one of the models

Anouska, my PR girl :) <3
And, Mariam was nice enough to give a scoop for The Vanity exclusively:

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