The Vanity's Anniversary| 2 years -Part 1 (The photoshoot)

This year has been quite a challenge, with lots of fun above and in between. We started off in 2013 with only beauty product reviews, and grew slowly bit by bit to provide various services as requested by our clients: from beauty products review, to events coverage, streetstyle photoshoots, and finally our newest men's section. We are taking baby steps to which I am no hurry for, but in fact, being steady and slow-paced gives us a lot of time to study our options in the market and the reaction we receive towards our presence.

Last month, we did a photoshoot for this occasion, here is what happened during the shoot.
These are the final shots we received from Nour, our photographer and owner of Studios R.O.K.N

Today I present to your our team with whom The Vanity is where it is today:

Thanks to the amazing photographer and founder of  R.O.K.N Mohamed Magdy Nour
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