Maybelline Super Stay lipliner review in Rosewood

Now, not all of us has this passion or mere interest in lip liners. Most girls in Egypt are more of grab and go or apply-while-driving kinda girls. Since lip liners need more efficiency and precision, it is an under-rated product in Egypt specifically.

Since I am a moody person and hate Routine and whatever comes with it, I am not very fond of what people call it nowadays "Routine Makeup". I do not apply the same makeup day-in,day-out. Change makes me happy and part of change is not only in makeup techniques but also in products as well. Achieving this, I decided to give lip liners a change to prove that it is one of the must-haves in our makeup kit.

In my other Maybelline makeup haul post, I bought three products which this baby here was amongst them. Now, for the review.

There is nothing 'Super' per se about this Super Stay Lip Liner particularly, just a little exaggeration from the brand plus misleading. The only super thing about it is the shade. Yes, you heard me, only the shade! It is very hard and stiff to apply and dried my lips. It didn't last 2 hours all in all.

However, the shade is just perfect. It is almost like an extension to my own natural lip shade, if only they had this shade in lipstick!

Having that said, I do not feel guilty. First of all, it only cost me abour 45EGP, and I keep in my work makeup bag to use instead of applying lipstick.

Repurchase? I do not think so!
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