Maybelline BB Cream

Now, since its been a while now the BB cream is lavishing in the market, I have reached these resolutions: Either my skin is not a BB cream prospect, or there is not a BB cream for all skin types and due to the hype, everyone is just convincing themselves that it actually works!

Having that said, it is clear that I lost hope in BB creams. I am not loving, nor going to try any more BB products until someone credible admits otherwise. However, with all this negativity and lost hope, I came across this BB cream by Maybelline at Faces. I have been testing and trying for about two months now, and believe me this is the longest it took me to make up my mind about a product. I cannot say I have changed my mind and i still have mixed feelings about this one, but let me tell you this- if you only need a product that will barely even out your skintone, this one is for you.

This product is easy to apply, I used my fingers once, a sponge another, and another time buffing brush and powder brush; and all worked the same. With it has a medium consistency: not too liquid yet not creamy at all. It has a very low coverage that it barely evened out my skintone.

After two hours wearing this, it didn't oil or grease out my T-zone, which is one up side to this product besides its afforability. Add up to the downsides, the low variety of shades range (3 shades only)

Recommend this product: No, not really. Unless you really have perfect and dry complexion, then you won't need any product at all

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