MAC Ruby Woo lipstick review

M.A.C's Ruby Woo is one of those classic red lipsticks that everyone needs to have in their collection! I mean no girl doesn't have a red shade of lipstick, no? If you are one of those girls who do not still have one, better start before its too late. I am serious gal, the red lipstick is one of the most essential gadgets of every girl. Enough to say that it whitens your teeth, and adds up an alluring feminine look to your total outfit. What else would any woman need?

I am sure most of you reading this can either confirm that they already have this beauty in their makeup kit or have it on their next birthday/Christmas wish list. M.A.C's Ruby Woo is the perfect pin-up red that will suit the majority of skin tones and complexions. I have trying for years and years all shades of red till I literary gave up and started to contain the idea that I might not be a red lipstick girl, until I put my hands on this one.

The most lasting lipstick I have ever used, with no exaggeration. This babe lasted on my lips, eating, drinking, kissing, everything- you name it, and didn't move a bit. I didn't have to retouch for 8 whole hours! Comon! Why don't they do such formulas for all their lipsticks range?!

Swatch in Sunlight
Swatch in Shade
I believe is its dry matte component. It's very matte and drying, that the camouflaging effect is only plausible in the red version (I might be wrong-Just saying!). Other shades will be prominent and the dryness will be more visible, which we wouldn't want, now would we?

It is best applied with a lip brush and would also benefit from an accompanying lip liner to ensure your pout is drawn to perfection, but it is definitely worth the effort.

You can buy M.A.C's Ruby Woo in Egypt here

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