Cuddly Brand Musky Breeze Organic Body Balm review

I usually tend to like things labelled and quite understandable to use without reading a whole description and prescription to the product. I'm the grab and go kinda gal, hence, skincare products confuse me. This body balm, maybe at first I didn't understand how it work. I swirled my fingers in like I usually do with body butters and creams, but nothing came on my fingers! I didn't quite understand how would I get product on my skin this way. I tried using the back of my nails to scratch off some product to apply actually a got amount on my arm and it worked! However, this products is not quite moisturizing. I used it after my shower just like I usually do with the body butters, but it didn't give me the amount of moisture I expected. It is worth noting that the pretty musky scent lasted all day on my skin.

The Packaging is really beautiful, it reminds me of scented candles in a tin can with this dry rose flower right in the center.

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