Castle Walls

Don't you sometimes feel you are restricted by several boundaries, whether internal boundaries within yourself, or external ones because of the society? All what I have to tell is break free. No wonders or miracles will happen within your comfort zone. Break free and release your inner stallion and let it fly. Do not limit yourself to your surrounding and the taboos of the society, and if you want to do something that actually makes you happy and comfortable, do it. No matter what that is, do it.

Chunky Knit sweater: Mango (similar here)
Pants: LA Woman
Bag:3.1 Phillip Lim Medium Pashli Satchel (another favorite color here and here)
Flats: Zara old (other favorites here , herehere and here)
Shades: Sophie Hulme

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Photographed by Sophia Saad.
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