And you let her go..

There are many reasons of life frustrations. Depreciation at work, misunderstood by your friends, lost amongst your family, miscommunication from relationships and many more. Today's post is dedicated to all the dates I went to and didn't turn well for God-knows reason, the lineup of relationships I had and fucked me up, and it is dedicated also to all the mistreated and abused women out there. Here is what I have to say to you- walahy, you are better off. You are better off a cheating husband. You are better off a lying boyfriend. You are better off a cranky fiancee who beats the hell out of you whenever he is upset. You do not deserve this, and those women who do nothing about it, you are not weak. Stand up for yourself and leave. Leave before you get drifted into this masochist relationship. Leave before you turn into another victim of Stockholm syndrome. It is your right, and you will survive, trust me on this. Believe me I know, you won't die without him, you will be able to go on and actually do big for this society without being subordinated or mistreated by some jerk. You are strong beautiful women, inside out.

This photoshoot was supposed to be posted on Valentine's day in support of all the women who feel bad on that day of the year, however me and my team were totally swamped. Our apologies for that:)

Pink top: Sheinside
Feather vest: H&M, similar here
Jeans: Zara
Flats: Sole Society
Bag: Okhtein
Bracelet: Monica Vinader (I love this one as well)
Necklace: Paquita Ruby
Ring: Elmawardy

Photographed by Sophia Saad.
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