Your guide for a Valentine’s Day gift

Valentine’s Day has been always about expectation! A woman expecting a gift from her man. But men seem to think of it of a burden, cause let’s be honest no man on earth is a valentine believer! :D

So first, you need to change your attitude regarding this day, consider it as a day of gratitude for your partner where you express how much she means to you. That’s why this guide will be slightly different than other normal guides. I won’t recommend you the ordinary gifts like perfumes and expensive gifts, but a more sentimental list!

1. Flowers 
Flowers, flowers, flowers!!! They dazzle us and we can’t help it! A big fat red rose’s bouquet with a card filled with words of how you feel are more than enough to keep your woman falling for you.

2. Romantic dinner

Pick her the outfit, the accessories and everything she needs to be ready and elegant (you don’t have to buy a new outfit although it would be thoughtful, but unfortunately I said nothing materialistic. So your effort is enough: D) surprise her with a note stating that you are looking forward to seeing her ready for you in this outfit you picked to go out with you for a romantic dinner

P.S. Cooking dinner yourself and having it at home on candle lights is the best option, but to be more realistic, pick a restaurant with a Nile view :D

3. Day for pamper

This gift is so special for all mummies out there! Pamper here from the moment she opens her eyes, breakfast in bed, children anywhere but home: D, play music, ask her to dance, give her a massage session! Anything that comes up to your mind! Most importantly, no chores, no cooking….nothing but what makes her happy! Let her just blink and wish!

4. DIY
Doing something with you bare hands is so touchy! A picollage, a speech, write her a poem or even a scrap book. Show her how you see the memories between you both and appreciate them.

5. A pet!

This gift is for fiancé, not your wife since she has no space for more responsibility: D

6. A Polaroid camera

It is inexpensive but still very interesting way of saying, I want to capture each and every moment we spend together.

These are only suggestions for non-materialistic gifts! May you find your perfect gift to your perfect partner….Have a Happy Valentine!!

This article has written by Pakinam Farouk
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