One lucky winner and her 3 friends will spend a week at the luxurious Vogue Eyewear mansion in Phuket, Thailand

Vogue Eyewear today announced the lucky winner of its exciting Summer House: Destination Thailand competition: Marina Magdy. The 22 year-old from Cairo will be taking her 3 best friends on the 7-day, all-expenses paid vacation to Phuket for a week’s worth of soaking up the sun, indulging in luxurious spa treatments, exploring the bustling night markets and, of course, enjoying some much needed R&R.

Vogue Eyewear’s Summer House competition launched in Egypt for the first time this year to a phenomenal response. The Thai Spa-themed booths at Porto Cairo, Porto Marina and Mall of Arabia were packed with visitors over three weekends. To participate, contestants had to sign up on www.vogue-eyewear.com and complete simple tasks to earn ‘Style Miles’. When the competition closed September end, there were over 615 registrants from Egypt.
The exotic Vogue seaside villa in Phuket will be welcoming 9 Summer House winners and their friends from around the globe from November onwards, with Marina and her friends visiting in January. Go here http://www.vogue-eyewear.com/eg_en/summer-house/sandy to experience a taste of what the winners can expect at this year’s Summer House and stay tuned for the next Vogue Eyewear contest!

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