My hair treatment experience at VeeVaaME

Hearing that VeeVaaMe had this offer on their hair treatments, I arranged with a couple of girl friend's of mine to try it out. Since our hair was already dead after the awful dry winter- dull, split ends and weak- hence a makeover was a must.

Let me speak for myself. To begin with, having said all the above mentioned ailments, I headed to the beauty center, asked for the botox treatment, since I wanted something that wouldn't affect or change how my natural hair looked, no straightening or perming, yet would treat my hair perfectly well. The Salon's assistant suggested that I had to chop off a huge chunk off my hair due to the split-ends I had. I didn't mind if that is going to fix the issue. Then, the treatment was applied. Now, what happened exactly step by step was as follows:

1- Hair chopped off
2- Botox treatment applied, waited till it dried (around an hour and a half)
3- Hair straightened with a ceramic straightener (Chi as far as I remember)
4- Hair washed, shampooed and conditioned.
5- Hair air-dryed voila!

Its alive! My hair was revived, shiney and as soft as it could be, without affecting my natural locks. Thanks to Veevaame I now won't have to worry about my harsh, brittle and coarse hair anymore. The assistant advised that the treament would last from 3-5 months. So, let's wait and see if my hair is going to return back like my old good hair days, or is going to be brittle and coarse once again. Since its a treatment that fixes the hair, unlike keratin, I suppose it should last forever. But, we will see.

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