Jumia Chic Asfour Awards 2015

JUMIA Chic, the fashion blog created by Jumia Egypt, today revealed the long-awaited Jumia Chic Asfour Awards 2015 winners – Egypt’s first annual fashion awards, celebrating this fast-growing industry of young Egyptian talents. The eventwitnessed a total of 11 awards presented to the Egyptian talents in fashion, to recognize their creative work across all areas of the industry.
32 nominees were selected after a stringent evaluation process by Jumia Chic’s editorial team along with Susan Sabet, Pashion magazine’s publisher and editor-in-chief. She was also chosen as one of the Business of Fashion 500 most influential people in the fashion industry in 2014.Online voting started on 24th of January on Jumia Chic blog.

The event was hosted by the film maker and actor Ashraf Hamdi, bringing together fashion industry membersto celebrate the successes of the fashion talentsfor the past year.
“Contrary to other industries, the fashion industry doesn’t treat its new generation very gently. This is why awards like the Jumia Chic Asfour Awards are so important to support and recognize talents” said Tamer El Fiky – Marketing Manager of Jumia Egypt. “This award celebrates Egypt's unique talents as they transition from an emerging talent to brand whilst taking the industry by storm” added El Fiky.

Jumia Chic AsfourAwards powered by Asfour Crystal and Pashion Magazine are the first ever awards to officially recognize the ever-growing fashion industry in Egypt and discovering some of the most creative talents emerging.

“We have been observing the fashion industry since the beginning and in particular since our involvementin fashion and we believe such annual awards will give the industry a push forward” said Haytham El-Tahawy, Product Manager of Asfour Crystal - Fashion components.

“Asfour Crystal believes visions, creativity, and passion are the main components and the core of success for these talents in the future of the fast-moving fashion world.”  Added El Tahawy.

“An award like the Jumia Chic Asfour Awards motivates and generates attention towards the nominees and the industry in Egypt and announcing the winners today is a phenomenal display of talent in the fashion industry. The Jumia Chic Asfour Awards gives us the chance to praise not only the winners but to celebrate all of the individuals that contribute to the incredible achievements in the fashion industry” said Susan Sabet, Pashion Magazine’s Publisher and Editor in Chief.

and...The winners are:
1.       Best Evening Designer: Malak El Ezzawy LINK
2.       Best Ready-To-Wear Designer: Amina K. LINK
3.       Best UP & coming Evening Designer: Sara Hegazy LINK
4.       Best UP & coming Ready-To-Wear Designer: Mohannad Kojak LINK
5.       Best Bags Designer: ZAAM LINK
6.       Best Jewelry Designer: Alia Khafaga LINK
7.       Best Fashion Blog: Love by N LINK
8.       Best Fashion Stylist: Laila Youssef LINK
9.       Best Fashion Model: Tara Emad LINK
10.   Best Makeup Artist: Soraya Shawky LINK
11.   Best Photographer: Abu Samra LINK
And, now a few footage of the attendees ;)

Special Thanks to my friend the amazing photographer Kareem Osman, who took all the event's photos for The Vanity.

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