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A bit of tidying up, adding a snappy slogan, moving away the sofa (literary!),  brushing up the fonts and we are good!

Ever since I did the logo two years ago, and started working on the brand's identity, I wasn't thinking ahead so to speak. I only took baby steps, one thing at a time. Hence, a visual change was needed. Thank God that I made lucky,yet right, choices in the past- the logo, italic transcript font, color shades, and the cameo frame. So, all we had to do is a little bit of retouching to the logo, and a lot of refurbishing to the template.

Also, to make things more brand=client oriented, we added the slogan. Honestly, I had a totally different slogan in mind. When I asked my team's opinion about it, as casual as a watsapp convo, and left to do some work, got back to find them already started brainstorming and rotating the slogan I presented to come out with this one in the end. I have to say I was quite surprised and impressed with how creative they were to come up very fast with this catchy slogan. Hats off ladies.

This is the final logo with the slogan. How do you like it?

Very special thanks to my backbone and supporting team, very proud of your work and high spirit:
Pakinam Farouk (who came out with this slogan eventually)
Sophia Saad and Dina Said ( for working on this logo from scratch to come up with something as close as to the one we already had)

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