The two nail polishes you will ever need in your life

Did you know that instead of buying all those nail polish and piling them up in your drawers, or boxes like I do ( I have four of them!), you will only 2 shades all your life to survive?

Surprising, no not much, as much that if you are always on the run and worried that you may not have any polish on your nails when an event pops up, you can only keep to nailpolishes in your makeup bag to suit EVERY outfit you have.

1- The all-timer, never-out-of-trend Red

2- Any punk color of the season (light blue, yellow, pink for summer, and black, purple or gold for winter)

That's it! These are the brand shades I recommend.

1- Mavala (London, Madrid), Sally Handen (Red cherry, Pucker up).

2- Mavala (Onyx), Essie (nice package, In the cabana), Sally Hansen (so-nata Problem, Blue Streak)

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