Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay concealer review

No girl in this whole world do not suffer from dark circles. No matter the reason behind it, the aim is one- to find the right concealer that would hide them without caking out, fading, or even worse, enhancing them even more.

There has been this rave over the internet about Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay concealer. Just like any curios blogger, I needed to know what this rave has been about, hence the purchase.

I bought the Medium/Beige shade 3, it is 2 shades darker than my skin tone, and a bit orange-y, but I bought this shade specifically for two reasons: 1- Shady number 1 was too light for my complexion, shade 2 was very pink for my circles that it enhanced them. What I needed is a bit yellowish concealer, and the darker concealer tend to serve the purpose.

This concealer has heavy consistency, yet lightweight. I didn't feel I was wearing it on my skin. The coverage was really good, and when I kept trying this for a month now, I thought they should invent a BB cream (or CC or whatever other initials they may have in the market) that would be of the same quality as this. I even tried to use it allover my face and it was beautiful. But, if I kept it as so, it won't last 3 more applications :).

Concealer dries super fast, so better blend quickly before it dries. It stays put all day long, doesn't fade, or wear out throughout the day. I do not have to reapply anytime between 7-9 hours. Heaven, right? It didn't cake either, and I didn't have to seal it with a translucent powder. It didn't look I was wearing anything under my eyes and even better, didn't crease!

I got this from Centerpoint beauty stores, but you can find it at Al Ezaby, Seif Stores, Mazaya, and Faces as well. I got it for 65 L.E., so its very gentle on my pockets as well.

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2 comments on Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay concealer review

  1. hi ayat
    i can't believe i actually find an egyptian makeup review blogger :D
    i've always envied us residents for all the bloggers they have
    you're a life saver i have just came across this concealer 2 days ago and was wondering about its quality and price :))
    your review is gr8 contained answers for all my questions
    keep the gd work and plz review more maybelline products for us :)

    1. Sara dear, thank you. This has really made me happy. I am gald that I'm meeting your expecting and I hope that my posts are up to your standards. I will definitly do more maybelline reviews. In fact two are coming on this way this month. Stay tuned ;)

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