M.A.C Zoom lash volume Instantane mascara review

As every mascara review, I am the expert, and if there is anything I really care about in my makeup other than my skin, are my lashes. I have been using this mascara for two months now, never regretted one second wearing it. On the contrary, I have regretted not wearing it on my regular busy days.

I always get compliments on my lashes and how long they are, with or without mascara. However, what I am always on the hunt for is a volumizing mascara. With only a lengthening mascara, its first of all needless since I already have long lashes, and it enhances how spare and empty are my lashes. Hence, voluminous mascara is what I always look for in a mascara.
 Now, for this M.A.C  Zoom lash volume Instantane mascara, I get the volume I want, without clumping, or getting stick lashes, and again, maintaining and enhance the length I already have. Magic? I dun think so! It's just M.A.C. I have always swore by their lipsticks and eyeshadows, not a fan much of their foundation or concealer, and never was a fan of their mascaras range either until I got this. They defo have improved their brush's mechanism and I believe they have worked on the products as well since I always had irritated eyes after applying M.A.C's mascaras. I still do have with this one, but not as harsh as their previous ones as well.
This month I have attended dozens of fashion events and store openings, and the first thing I get a comment on, before even my outfit, are my lashes, that I didn't get as much before this magic wand. Thank you M.A.C for always working on maintaining your collection.

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