I wish to have a natural duck face !

Duck face is all around social media!! And since am a very understanding person, I will conclude that this due to the fact that every female on earth dream about Angelina Jolie’s plumped lips! So, here are some tricks to give you the full lips required;

1. Exfoliation

I believe that this step is a must, as routine basis ladies! It will remove all your skin debris giving you a softer look and will increase your lips’ blood flow as well giving them a temporary plumed look. It can be easily done by a toothbrush, using sugar/ cinnamon oil (few drops only) or you can use an exfoliating product.

2. Lip primer

You can use a lip primer or your usual foundation to avoid oily lips, in order to have a dry base and to have a long lasting lipstick.

3. Lip liner

This is a very important step! Choosing a suitable color is what it is all about! You have two choices:

a. Lip liner color same as your lips’ color: in that case you are going to use light natural shades of lipsticks. 

b. Lip liner same as your lipstick color: in that case you are going to use bright or darker shades

Both ways, you need to carefully draw the line on the outer edge of the lips, to give the look of fuller lips!

4. Concealer 

After applying your lipstick, start framing your lips by your concealer. 

5. Shiny gloss

Having a glossy shiny look always helps give a fuller look where the light reflection on the shiny gloss gives a false dimension!

Wish you all natural plumped lips…..forever after!!

This article has been written by Pakinam farouk

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