How to| 4 steps to a perfect winter skin

Cold weather might be your favorite, but its effect on your skin will never be! After all, who want dry skin?! Since your skin gets dehydrated causing your scaly and cracked skin.

1. Good Moisturizer 

Use a moisturizer daily on your hands, fingers, face & feet and on any part of your body in need. Choose a product with fatty acid e.g. Cocoa Butter and avoid using harsh soaps like antibacterial products, since it will only make your skin more dry by remove your skin natural oils.

2. Warm Bath 

I know that there is nothing better than a very hot bath in this freezing weather, but try to make your water warm rather than hot. Since the very hot water will fade your skin oils and your hair oil as well. Also, try to make it quick!

  3. Wrap up yourself! 

Wear gloves, socks and ice cap if required. Try to protect your skin as much as possible from direct contact with the cold weather to avoid any damage for your skin and hair. Also, avoid your gloves or socks from getting wet or soaked. 

4. Lip Balms

Never forget using lip balms all the time! Your lips are vulnerable, sensitive and need all the care.

5.   Balanced Diet
I know that this tip is everywhere: D but your diet definitely affects everything about you & your body. So, try having fruits every snack since your body needs the multivitamins (e.g. Oranges). Also, drinking lots of water and fluids will nourish your skin, so keep sedulous on drink water periodically.

So, in order to be always ready, always keep in your bag a lip balm, hand moisturizer and a bottle of water (refill when needed). The steps are only few and simple, so keep them in mind!

I wish you a glowing skin all year

This article has written by Pakinam Farouk
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