Zaam designs FW14 collection launch event

In the fashion revolution that is going on in Egypt right now, I have not found a bag designer who took my breath away like Ahmed Azzam. His brand, Zaam designs, is very well-structured, surprisingly good quality, perfect finishing, and colors of all tastes.

Lasy Sunday, November 30, was the launch of his FW collection event which took place at Boho Gallery, Heloplis. Since Azzam is a very social and loving person, everyone attended felt unexpectional warmth and welcoming vibe that we lack nowadays even amongst our close circle of friends. That is how Azzam is a very loving person on a personal level.

On a professional level, he is a perfectionist, every piece stands out on its own screaming fashion out loud.

and that was my favorite bag, which I got and will be featuring in a photoshoot soon

I had an interview, which have been long waited for. Whenever I get to meet up with Azzam anywhere- since he is a common friend of my best friends, we get to see eachother more often- I keep asking him the same question over and over again- "When am I interviewing you for the blog?" and his common response would be "lamma el new collection ynzil ya Ayat!" . He suffered from my nagging for 8 months till this day, and now, I got to tell him with a heart full of confidence- "interview questions on your FB inbox, now!". Creepy, huh!

So, below is the long waited for interview (drumrolls, please)

Congrats on your new Fall/Winter collection, Azzam, it's amazing and you needn't know I am not complimenting. Now, What kind of feedback did you get on the collection?

Thank you and thanks for your presence in the launch event, So as this line was a collaboration between ZAAM and Asfour Crystal, their feedback was very important for me and it was all positive and they are very satisfied with the outcome.

Then the feedback I got from the media and clients is that they were all worried when they knew that the bags are made of crystals and that it might fit only evening events but they found different type of bags for all day events. And that’s success for me because I wanted to make a bag that fits all people and all events.

Sure you did, I found many bags that suits a day-to-night outfit look. For those who do not know you well, Azzam, give us a quick briefing about yourself, away from the fashion world.
I’m 25 years old, and I have been working in the online and digital field for 4 years now.
Everything you do is produced here in Egypt, are buyers sensitive to this?
It’s all about choosing the best and highest quality materials and people, and I think people get more excited to buy the product when they knew its designed and produced in Egypt and by Egyptians. However for some materials such as the accessories you can’t always find the best quality material stuff in Egypt, that’s why I decided I will be importing the accessories hopefully on a later stage.

Do you have a specific research process when you start a new collection? 
In each collection, I try to introduce a different theme with respect to the seasonality. I wouldn't have done the Asfour Crystal collection in Summer, for instance. First of all, I clear my mind and keep scanning everything around- you just don’t know when, how or from what you will get that spark of inspiration. After I have decided on what I’ll be doing, I start searching for the best materials that will fit the collection and the theme, and then comes the designing phase.

Who inspires you the most in fashion, both Egyptian and international markets? Anyone who stands out?
Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, from Dolce & Gabanna, are my main inspiration whom I totally find standing out with their accessories collection every season.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer? 
I love fashion and art, and I started doing small fashion projects since the early years at college. In my first and second years, I used to deisgn women jewelry and accessories. In my third year, I started working on men's apparel, and I also used to supply the student activities with their uniforms. However, it all stopped and didn't last for long as I was excited about graduation and I wanted to start my career life. After two years of corporate life, I felt that its not what I want and I miss my passion, and from there, I decided to get back to the fashion designing industry. It took me a while to scan the market and see the gap we have and try to fulfill it and that’s why I started with the bags.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer? 
Seeing the outcome of my designs and find Zaam's loyal customers and fans happy with it.

What were your inspirations for the designs you created for this collection?
 The crystals, it was the core of my collection. Usually, you design the structure of the bag and then add the little bits of accessories to complete the look. This time, I did the other way around. I build every single bag's design on the crystal itself.

What are your plans for the future? 
I was really keen to start an accessories line within Zaam, and finally I was able to present the new accessories line this F/W collection. I'm also looking forward to expanding my market in Dubai and London via boutiques and online stores. In addition, I am working on introducing four collections a year on regular basis.

With Azzam, Fashion bloggers and jewelery Designer Menna Khalil

With Fashion Designer behind NOBdesigns, Ahmed Nabil

Having funny crazy moments as always with Ahmed Nabil

With my all time favorite, Sahar Fouad

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