Xmas Gifts from top Egyptian Designers

With the upraise of Egyptian designers, the Egyptian market is starting to tilt a little bit, just a tiny bit, away from the European market, since they provide the quality and designs that would spare us from needing to make online purchase every season. And, with the festive season coming up, what a better gift to give your beloved ones, or even yourself, than the top designers in Egypt. Below, is the list of my favorite 5 designers in Egypt.

Okhtein bags and wallups

I have previously praised this brand mentioning how they are spending a lot of money, effort on getting the best material and creating the best designs, serving women of all ages. The variety of their product makes buying a Christmas gift from their range very easy. From big satchels, to small cross bags, makeup bags, and wallups! You can find them at ABnG world in Zamalek or you can request a purchase from their website.

Zaam Bags
When we mention bag designs in Egypt, the first brand that pops up in mind is Zaam! Launching his new collection capturing women's, and men's, heart and mind with his crystallized collection and new range of accessories. With a variety of colors and sizes, you will find something that would suit anyone's and everyone's taste. Quoting from Mathew McConaughey in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 days', "Frost Yourselves" this season with Zaam's new collection.

Menna Khalil Jewelery
A one of a kind designer. As she mentioned in my interview with her last year, each season with a new inspiration, hence a new collection. Her latest was The  outrageous rebellious Gypsy collection. So, if you are a fan of silver, precious stones, and handmade jewelry, you cannot miss her out.

Amina K.
If you scrolled down to this post, you will find that Amina K. is the only ready-to-wear designer I have mentioned, and if you have visited her store, you will understand the reason behind this. I have always thought that there is, just like any fashion designer in Egypt, nothing unique much about her collection, or at least that was in my P.O.V. However, after visiting her store at the First Mall-Four Seasons hotel, I was blown away with her latest Urban Chic collection. Every piece screams out of its own, the fabrics were chosen well, the designs were well finished, and the brand is well presented. A piece by Amina Khalil is a must have in each woman's wardrobe.

Azza Fahmy
Nothing I would say would do her justice. Shall we start by the unique designs, themes or usage of material? The last two themes: Suma and the Pharoanic, were my favorites, and eyed many pieces I would love to own, I want them all, in fact! Even I am not into neither themes: Pharoanic or Arabic Calligraphy, yet the designs itself is very artistic and accurate to a an amazing extent. No wonder she has reached the international market and done several collaborations with Mathew Williamson.

P.S. All of the brands I have mentioned provide international shipping. ;)

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