What to wear for NYE

Only few hours left for the New Year to start, hence a new beginning. And in order to have a good start, you will need first to end this year right. So first, you have to keep yourself busy on your new-year eve. So, practically you are responsible to find yourself an outing and let us help you find the suitable outfit.

Regardless where will you be spending your outing, make sure you are spending it with an elegant look, so rule number one: NO RESTRICTIONS this year or limited options but on the contrary.

1. Dress
Let’s face the facts, dresses are the key for feminism. So it is definitely your best options!
Choose whatever suits your body & personality but the embroidered dress are highly fashionable, elegant and attractive……..TRI Factor!!
Don’t forget sequin, leather, fringed and printed dresses, whether floral or tribal, you will look great

2. Shorts

Hot faux leather shorts, quilted faux leather or sequin shorts look is just wild and screams out LET’S PARTY!!

3. Skirts
I recommend the quilted faux leather, since this look is different, wild and appealing and might be more comfortable for some people than shorts! Also sequin skirts and printed ones are more than beautiful.

4. Jumpsuits
It is one of my favorite, not only is it comfortable but also fashionable, so this might be just the choice for you!

5. Pants

Who said you can’t look gorgeous in wearing pants?!! Just wear the right top and accessories and you are on the right track

Wear whatever suits you, but more importantly is to pick a cozy outfit that will make you comfortable through the whole night. And remember, nothing will look ordinary with a statement necklace/earning and fur jacket! So, Partyy Hard! Wish you all a loud night!! :D


This article is written by Pakinam Farouk
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