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Tardy in buying Christmas gifts? Last-minute shopping didn't do you good and every store seems to be out of stock? Do not have time to commute in Cairo traffic and, even if you have time, there is not much variety to shop from? do not have the extra budget to shop and ship online and pay extra shipping fees, duties and taxes? This online store is your savior, and  I got all of my Christmas list from it!

Forzieri is the answer. High end brands, no customs or tax fees, very affordable shipping fees (I paid 24 for total order!), and ships within 48 hours (48 hours sharp!). As if all of this is not enough, they are having a huge sale of up to 50% off!

Shop the most coveted shoe collection from top designers such as Giuseppe Zanotti, Marc Jacobs, Valentino and more at!

It is safe to use your credit card or you can pay with your paypal account, and it ships worldwide! How convenient is that!

Don't forget to use this code while checking our for an instant 10% discount ;)

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