The perfect winter bag

Winter is just around the corner here in Egypt-crazy weather we have over here, huh! While I was writing down my winter shopping list, bags to be specific, I found that most of my bags were either black, black or black! I barely had a handbag that was any other color than black- practical, sue me!

Now, I made a pact with myself, I will never buy another black bag (well, at least until next summer!). Now, I didn't have to look around much coz I eyed a few bags in town. While I was at the launch of Zaam f/w event , I eyed a mustard bag that I couldn't keep my eyes off all night. Lucky me, Zaam gave me, and a few other bloggers, our favorite bags that night! (yaaaay!!!), and that is what I am featuring in this post. I hope you like it as much as I do <3

Sweater: Kenzo
Pants: Zara
Trench Coat: ONLY
Heels: Zara
Bag: Zaam
Earrings: Pierre Cardin
Shades: Dolce & Gabanna

Photographed by: Kareem Othman

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