The 5 MUST have in your wardrobe this winter

All of a sudden, the cold weather has hit us in the face, while most of us was still enjoying the summer outfits. But it is time to face the change of climate with a fashionable look and the keys of elegancy this seasons is:    


Either it is a piece on the decollate or the sleeves of your jacket, poncho… are on the right track but give me a smooth fur vest and I will call you a Fashionista, cause it is the right and perfect choice for this winter. Wear it in any color; black, navy, grey but also try the burgundy and the mixed colors (e.g.: Grey+ white+ Black) anyway, you are the winner.

Faux Leather:
Most of you might already have a leather jacket, WEAR it! It is still on fashion. But if you really want to be fashionable, try leather pants/ Jeggings. They are comfortable and easy to match with anything in your closet.


Simply elegant! Capes are so cozy and fashionable, plain or with fur. You can get them in dark colors or even light cream colors.


If you loved them in the summer outfits, you will love them even more in the winter looks. Whether from leather vests, ponchos or cardigans….they just look too wild to be missed.

Ankle Boots:

High-heels or flat boots, whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Just try them in nude or burgundy and you will fall in love with them.
And to complete your daily look on style, you might add a round scarf which is simply elegant. Also long cardigans are beautiful whether plain or with a tribal print. But if you are up to a wilder look, try adding a bag with an odd shape like a pistol or a camera. Also, don’t forget a fashionable hat for an early outing.

Find your look within these outfits, match them with the elegant colors of winter (Black, Navy, Grey, Mustard and BURGUNDY). Live a fashionista, Love the mirror and enjoy your outings.

This Article has been written by our new intern, Pakinam Farouk.
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