Simple Contouring

Lately, on all social networks pictures of what is called “contouring” has been seen with its distinguishing results, what a change right?. How to get this look? It’s all about highlighting some parts of the face and shading the edges. I believe it is aptly named, since it effect is a con, illusive and that’s the beauty of it. 
Normally, its techniques need specific palettes, brushes and products. But first, let’s start training on the basic procedure with simple tools that each one of us have on our dressers.
Each one of us must have a foundation (a light color for highlighting), so all you need to do is to buy another one with a darker color than your skin tone (for contouring). Since there are different foundation textures; powder, creams and gels, always choose the matt product while contouring, that’s a key trick. Also, choose your product wisely because the texture is another key element.

This picture simplifies where to highlight and where to contour;

1. Under your eyes
 2. Your nose, the front up till the forehead
3. Your jawlines
 4. Your chin
Contour/ shade:
1. Your upper forehead & hairline
2. The side parts of the nose
3. Just below the edge of the check-bones
The results will give you the cute nose, lifted cheeks, highlighted facial bones and pointed chin!!

All you need to do now is to add a shimmering color to your cheeks (eh; Peach, pink..etc), draw your eyes and lips and your face is ready for pictures !!

This way might be somehow preliminary, so try to practice as much as you can. Consider it as level one! Watch lots of videos on you-tube and whenever you feel ready, celebrate by buying your first contouring kit!

This Article has been written by our intern Pakinam Farouk
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