Polo by Ralph Lauren| lands in Downtown Kattameya mall

After a long working day, it was simply the perfect timing for some delight that can happen either through shopping or checking new winter collections, so if you will be looking at events level then nothing will be compared to the opening of the new and only Polo Ralph Lauren in Cairo as what I discovered  that Polo “ Flag ship for Ralph Lauren” has only two Polo Ralph Lauren shops around the Globe, First one is in NYC and second one is now opened in Cairo at our beautiful HUB Downtown Kattameya so definitely it’s worth seeing, so I will give you a hint about what you are going to see.

Of course when we will be talking about Polo Ralph Lauren we have to start with one of their highest TOP BEST seller items the “Classic –Fit Mesh polo “that can simply fit into any of the occasions because it can simply turn you into casual or classy fit style and of course in the newly opened store you will find all colors with different fit style so make sure to mark this down for your wardrobe

Once you go there you will have to check their wide collection of shirts that can serve your need either you needed a classy formal look or casual one as Polo Ralph Lauren is presenting wide range of collection and colors starting from basic Classic-fit solid oxford shirt and plaid twill sport shirt into different stripped collection that really covers all fashion tastes

Beautiful collection of under vests as they look fashionable and serve their basic need which is making you warm, Check their nice explorer down vest with wide color availability but what I really liked the most was their amazing Southwestern under vest with its attractive colors and warm material.
Sweaters were highlighted too, especially the cashmere material with their bright selection of colors yet you will find wool sweaters and believe me they look fashionable too, and as to cover all tastes you will find round neck and V-neck Sweaters.

Always remember that picking the right shoe can actually save the day, so if you will be crossing by Polo Ralph Lauren store in Downtown Kattameya mall make sure to have a look and try them because simply wearing a shoe without feeling comfy is like having a phone without battery, so imagine how would you feel! Polo presents stylish range of Casual and classic shoes and as a recommendation try the Landan Vachetta Driver one on slim fit jeans.
If you are that kind of men who always have something to do next so for sure you will have to have the right bag were you can get yourself ready for any situation either going to the gym after work or having a good music night were you have to put on other cloth. The heritage canvas Gym bag can fitter in many situations and of course the commuter bags are very fashionable too so make sure to put them on and look at a mirror.

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