New Year’s tips| Wear your mask!!

New Year's Eve is a few hours must have settled your outing plan by now and your outfit. If you didn't you would need to checkout our next article to help you decide on an outfit. But you need to keep in my mind that you will have dozens of photos for spending a night to remember and preparing yourself for 2015!!

Therefore, a good makeup look= a clear face = a mask needed!!! But in order to take full advantage of your mask, you need to follow these steps.

Most of us (or maybe it is just me :D) thought that the mask is the first step of cleaning your face...actually it is not true. The mask needs to get deeply into your skin layers to give its full effect, that's why the first step is:

1. Use a facial cleanser; you better clean your face pretty well so that the mask will face no obstacles getting deep to you skin layers.
2. Open your pores; using hot steam, a very hot towel or just have a hot bath!!! Then dry your face with a soft towel.
3. Now, you can use your mask!! Leave it 15- 20 mins or as written on your product. While relaxing for these couple of minutes, apply cold slices of cucumber on your eyes for their full relaxation.
4. After the required time has passed, now gently wash your mask, I prefer with a wet cotton to avoid any redness since the skin pores are open and your skin can be more sensitive than normal
5. Wash you face with a very cold water (better not to be tab water, try cold water from the fridge) in order to close you skin pores.
6. Apply a skin toner, since it adjusts the skin PH or a skin moisturizer

Now you are ready with clear soft skin for you next step, but remember to read the instructions on the mask product you are using to avoid any drama. And take extra caution when applying the mask to avoid messing your clothes!

 I have just tried these steps out myself, and it turned out wonderful. So go and ENJOY yours!!

This article is written by Pakinam Farouk
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