My Empties #5- Skincare Products

Its been a while since I wrote an empties post. I have been trying many skincare products all through that time and non have I loved, hence, not consumed!

After a long search, these are what I have come up with. Loved, consumed and will definitely repurchase:
Anthony: Instant fix oil control for combined to oily skin. This is a base before applying my makeup and paraben free. It is a sample I got while purchasing makeup from Sephora, and I believe I will buying the full size real soon.

Nivea: Invisible black and while deodorant. This is a good deodorant, if only the removed the invisible part. My while shirts are all yellow underneath the area of my armpits (yuck!). Hence I had to repurchase new shirts. However, my black shirts are not stained. Other than than, Nivea has always been my favorite deodorant and skincare products.

Victoria's Secret: Beauty Rush Daily moisturizing body lotion. Amazing candy-like scent with a slight hint of sourness.

Clean & Clear: Shine control daily facial scrub that hasn't damaged nor caused any dryness or breakout to my skin. A pocket friendly dupe for my all time favorite Neutrogena deep clean.

Laura Mercier: another sample I have received from Sephora, a facial scrub. I found it slightly harsh on my skin, hence this is a once a week product. Since it is harsh, I find it very useful for our terrible Cairo weather. We, Egyptian women, know by now how our weather is harmful for our skin. Also, will be buying full size product.

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