M.A.C Studio Nail Lacquers

In attempts of cleaning up my nailpolish boxes I have (remind me to show photos of them, very proud of the way I organize my beauty products!), I receieved these couple of nail polishes from M.A.C, right in time for the festive season. These shades were from their M.A.C Studio nail lacquer collection- Tropical, and Matte over Lacquer.
Tropical: is described as a black with rainbow multi-pearl with a Glitter finish. It has a sheer, black-tinted base with small-sized light orange and copper glitter (no rainbow glitter at all! Wondering if the description is wrong or that I got the wrong product mislabeled!). After two coats, it was mostly opaque. The formula spread evenly across the nail and I didn't have to play with the glittery bits, tap them several times, or do any sort of acrobatic moves to get them into place! It dried down to a slightly bumpy finish. Love the color, would easily suit every skintone.

Matte Over Lacquer: matte effect top coat (matte), enough said :)!

To give you a variety of swatches, I played a bit with the nail polished. I applied a black nail polish I had on all of my nails except for the ring finger. Then, I applied the Matte over Lacquer to mattify the black on all the black painted nails except the point finger, so that I can apply Tropical shade on it and on the ring finger as well. Pretty artistic, huh!

Voila! Pretty nice for a Christmas night nail polish look.

Like my nail polishes artictic talent? want more of them? comment below! :D
Happy Holidays everyone!

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