Love the Change| Hair looks for this season

Events are happening all around us and every woman won’t settle for less than perfection. We are ardent enough to have the perfect look when attending any ceremony. The problem is that majority of women literally take the same preparations every time.

Hair: Loose (Straight or Wavy) & Makeup: Light and simple

Where is the creativity in that?? Why are you so scary to try a different look every time you have an event? Do you need some help imagining? Ok! Let’s try this out;

1. Bun

I know most of you might still believe that bun makes you look older, believe it or not, it’s a myth!! Because there lots of different ways to have a beautiful cute bun:

Side bun, loose volume Bun, braided & pumped bun

Try it out with big glamorous earring and makeup popping your eyes (Smokey eyes +pale lipstick) and you will see yourself differently after that!!

2. Ponytails
Who said that ponytails are made for a casual sporty look only? That’s another myth :D. Believe me Ponytails gives the combination of cute, beautiful and attractive. Because it simply gives you a younger look while expressing the beauty of your facial details!

Try it with short shiny earrings and makeup widening your eyes with a bright lipstick and you will addict that look!

3. Vintage Wavy

This look is named vintage for a reason!! It’s classic, attractive and feminine. A look like that cannot be missed!

Try it with a thing long earring, light eye makeup and hot Lipstick (Red/Burgundy..)

4. Half up do
That look is really simple but to give it the glamorous touch of a movie star, Volume is all you need!

Try it with a beautiful statement necklace and makeup with natural bronze colors. Believe me you will feel confident with this look! Because it is easy and still fashionable!

5. Braids

Ok, that’s my favorite! Because you can match a braid on of your favorite hairstyles! You love it loose? Just add a braid and VoilĂ ! You have a new look!

Also, it looks perfectly cute on a bun, on a half-up hair and you won’t regret making a whole volume side braid!! It is like a magic wand!

These are only examples of the changes you can simply do in every event. Don’t settle for a One-Look because life is too short to have the same style every time. Love the change, love Yourself!

This Article has been written by our intern Pakinam Farouk
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