Launch of Teela designs FW14 and an interview with the designers.

Teela's designers call their style trendy, chic and modern, while I call it edgy and sophisticated. In a cozy casual atmosphere, Teela had it's first opening at ABnG world platform in Taha Hussein st., Zamalek, presenting their Fall/Winter collection for 2014/2015.

Four designers brought out Teela in its uniqueness- Noha El Sherbiny, Yara Mohsen, Fara Alfahad, and Samar Khazbak, partnered with Salma Elba. The lines are very well put, the finishing is up the proper universal standards and the materials and fabrics are astonishingly of really good quality. The fabrics varied from Chiffon, faux leather and faux fur; while the colors were of Pantone's color of the season palette- the all timer black, burgundy, Cyprus green, navy blue, grey and copper.

At the event, attended by the top media partners, fashion designers and fashion bloggers in Egypt , I met up with the girls and asked them a bit about their brand and designs. This is the interview I had with them:

How did you start off and What gave you the push to start your own brand?
 Its always been a dream of the 5 of us to do something with fashion. It first started with the idea of opening a conceptional store and then it accelerated to the idea of actually doing our own brand.

*What does, Teela mean?
Teela is actually inspired by the Egyptian cotton.. You know when they say " al koutn el masry taweel el teela, wa nase3 el bayad". The word Teela is the finest of all fine threads, used to create a simple piece of art. Threads are splattered with passion to design the perfect painting, the perfect piece of clothe. 

*What inspires you?
What inspires us is mostly high end designer looks, especially those from the runway. When we pick fabrics, we are usually inspired by detailed materials that are not available in our market, and we usually create our designs after imaging the fabric on us the most unique matter.

*So, are you originally friends?

*Since each one of you has her own life, how do you manage your time?
Since we are friends, we usually meet on a daily basis so we managed to divide the time between work and pleasure.

*A lot of fashion designers are emerging now in Egypt, how do you think you will stand out amongst them in the market, specially that the Egyptian shopper now started to be more aware of the Fabrics and designs, and hence became very demanding?
We always tend to design pieces which will be wearable by us. Since most of us are already interested in fashion we always search for the most wanted trends. As you know girls like to go with the fashion flow, therefore we design what we think will be outstanding for Arab girls.

*Where are you displaying?
We will be displaying at 'AbnG' for the coming week, and starting Tuesday December 9 , our collection will be displayed at The Dressing Room in Zamalek.

*Are you considering a Teela store instead of boutique displaying?
Yes, it is definitely in our future plan, once we create a big buzz with our designs.

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