How to| Have a merry Xmas:Men’s guide for gift shopping

It is the holiday of the year, everyone is waiting for this special holiday specifically for its spiritual and family quality time everyone gets to enjoy. But in order to live the Christmas spirit without any kind of disturbance, you need Santa’s luck helping you picking a suitable gift!!!

And as it isn’t so easy to predict what women want, what really counts is actually trying. Hopefully, the following list will guide you to the perfect gift.

Precious Gifts

Earrings/ necklace:
Normally luxurious gifts hit the target perfectly, especially if it is a shiny one. Pick an elegant one so that she will always wear it and think of you. Most women are fond of such delicate gifts.
Cashmere is both comfortable and deluxe so every woman craves it. Whether you buy it in the form of a pullover or a shawl and she will feel loved.
If your partner travels a lot, or you are usually apart due to working hours, this is your best shot. Because whenever she looks to see the time, she will think of how much she misses you!
And I don’t mean just any shoes, am talking a high- heeled elegant feminine one. Because if the devil wears Prada, she definitely deserves a higher brand!

 Pampering gifts

Perfumes/ Makeup sets:
No woman on earth gets enough of them. Not much effort is needed to buy such a gift but it is a definite cause of happiness. This gift is perfect for every woman regardless her age, assure success!
This is the gift of appreciation! Most of women work so hard, whether in their jobs or how taking care of the children. This gift won’t only make her the queen of the day, but also she will feel how much you appreciate her efforts.
A trip:
Choose a place where serenity, relaxation and comfort are found, Book her a weekend there cause she earned it. Make it a plus one trip, she will choose you to join as a sign of appreciation and love!

Personalized Gifts

Cooking books:
If your partner is in love with kitchen and always prepares you different delicious plates, this gift is her ultimate dream. Not only will she enjoy every single page of it, she will also be touched by the fact that you care about her improving her skills and hobbies.
Start collecting all your pictures together, choose the ones with the most unforgettable memories. Frame the collection of your memories, celebrate it together and remind her of your fun moments together.
Who said that it is not time for chocolate?? It is always a good time for chocolate!

Search your partner’s passion in this guideline and get a gift which expresses her personality. This guide could be for your partner, your mum or your sister. But don’t forget the flowers and if she is a Santa believer, don’t forget to buy her a Jingle bell!  

This Article has been written by our intern Pakinam Farouk
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